Saut Hermès 2018 | 9th edition at the Grand Palais | Saut Hermès 2018

Since 2010, Hermès has been inviting equestrian sport to the Grand Palais and, on this occasion, has confirmed its position as an expert saddler, recognised by the greatest champions.

On 16th, 17th and 18th March 2018, the Saut Hermès au Grand Palais will bring together the world’s fifty best riders to compete in the 5 – star international show jumping trials (CSI 5*), the highest category classified by the Fédération Française d’Équitation (FFE) and the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI).
Hermès has entrusted the technical development of this year’s competition to the world – renowned Spanish course designer Santiago Varela Ullastres. He will work on the competition’s ten trials, assisted by the French course designer Grégory Bodo and the French rider Michel Robert, sporting advisor for the Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais.
In addition, throughout the duration of the event, twenty rising stars under the age of 25 will compete in the « Talents Hermès » trials supported by riders on the CSI5* circuit, in the spirit of skill sharing that is so dear to Hermès.
On 17th March, the sound of horses’ hooves will continue to resound under the glass roof of the Grand Palais after nightfall for an evening event during which the audience will be able to watch the « 24 Faubourg » speed trial.
The Saut Hermès at the Grand Palais is also an opportunity to celebrate the horse, the « first customer » of the Parisian house. Every day, visitors will be invited to discover an all-new show created by Bartabas, and the National Equestrian Academy of Versailles. They will also enjoy fun equestrian entertainment in the galleries of the historic Parisian venue. (Press release)

📌 Grand Palais : Avenue Winston-Churchill, 75008 Paris, France.


1. Prix du Grand Palais CSI5*: 🇨🇭 Romain Duguet w/ Twentytwo des Biches
2. Les Talents Hermès CSIU25-A: 🇸🇪 Evelina Tovek w/ Mill´s Sheridan
3. Prix Hermès Sellier CSI5*: 🇫🇷 Philippe Rozier w/ Reveur de Kergane
The show « Récréation », choreography of Bartabas for National Equestrian Academy of the Estate of Versailles.


4. Les Talents Hermès CSIU25-A: 🇬🇧 Amy Inglis w/ Every Way
5. Prix GL events CSI5*: 🇩🇪 Felix Haßmann w/ Cayenne WZ
6. Le Saut Hermès CSI5*: 🇦🇺 Edwina Tops-Alexander w/ Lintea Tequila + 🇮🇪 Bertram Allen w/ Christy Jnr
« Récréation »
7. Prix du 24 Faubourg CSI5*: 🇫🇷 Patrice Delaveau w/ Vestale de Mazure HDC
« Récréation »


8. Prix de la Ville de Paris CSI5*: 🇧🇪 Wilm Vermeir w/ Gentiane de la Pomme
9. Les Talents Hermès CSIU25-A: 🇫🇷 Margaux Rocuet w/ Trafalgar Kervec + Kevin Gauthier w/ Twist de la Butte
« Récréation »
10. Grand Prix Hermès CSI5*: 🇫🇷 Simon Delestre w/ Hermes Ryan