Masters Insider: Max Rompo | Masters Insider: Max Rompo

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In this new edition of the Masters Insider, the Brazilian artist, Max Rompo, who was called upon by EEM for the creation of the official Season 1 posters, looks back on his influences, inspirations and experience in this collaboration with the Longines Masters Series.

I’m Max Rompo, a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, and I’ve been invited by the Longines Masters to share some comments about the posters I created for Season 1. It’s been a long time, I was young and oblivious, I didn’t know much about the event, and in these posters, I can see an aspect of the Argentinian graphic tradition that I know well today, and I really like it. You can see a bit of the illustration work of José Bonomi and Juan Cotta from the mid-forties, with work in several colors, hats, and simple, lively, expressive work!
I also drew inspiration from books, in addition to posters; I have a weakness for both. I could mention the cubist painting of Baron Emilio Pettoruti, and that of his neighbor, Joaquín Torres García, as some works that inspired me. A mix between classic Argentinian art and horses.
Looking back over the choice we made with the artistic director of the Longines Masters at the time, I see that the clear graphic composition of each poster laid the foundations for a very clear identity; one that evokes the spirit of the competition on the three different continents. A unique identity that is recognizable and will inspire other artists and poster design for other events. »

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