The Equestrian Trailer: Layke Anderson, James Wilby, Carl Hester

Director/producer/writer: Sybil H. Mair
Cast: Layke Anderson, James Wilby, Carl Hester, Sandros Dancer

Freddie is a talented young dressage rider. Gaius is his fearless stallion. Their relationship has made them a marvel to watch. Today, these two athletes arrive at the threshold of what should prove a dazzling grand prix career. But what happens to a partnership when pride and vanity sets one party against the other?

The Equestrian is a thrilling, new telling of a familiar story of how close friendship can be riven by vanity and ambition, where the splintered bonds of loyalty and trust must be reformed through redemption and forgiveness.

Sybil Mair’s film « The Equestrian » promises to provide a rich and intense story about the partnership between man and horse – or is that horse and man? Though many equestrians will recognise the familiar setting they should be prepared to be challenged by the powerful message that lies deep within.
Richard Davison
Olympic Dressage Rider

The Equestrian

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