Åkestam Holst for ATG: Singing Horses

ATG – Sukiyaki

ATG – Opera

Client: ATG
Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: Camp David
VFX Production: Swiss International
Creatives: Jesper Holst, Mark Ardelius
Agency Producers: Helena De Brun
Account Director: Magnus Hamberg
Planner: Henrik Sjödin
Production Manager: Ikka Norberg
Director: Robert Jitzmark
Producer: Nicola Jones
Dop: John Strand
VFX Supervisor: Leo Wilk
VFX Producer: Gabrielle Riggir
Editor: Stefan Ström
Sound Editor: Martin Dahl
Colourist: Max Strömberg
Music Supervisor: Music Super Circus

The Swedish horse betting company ATG has a lot be happy about. Not only is their signature game V75 the biggest in horse betting, but it has become the number one betting game in Sweden, regardless of category. No other games produce more millionaires every year. This fact calls for a song by our heroes. The excited horses show their singing skills as a tribute to all of those who won big, reminding us all that winning millions is possible. Robert Jitzmark directed the ads, Camp David produced them, and SWISS did all the fabulous postproduction. »