Longchamp: The Encounter w/ Kendall Jenner

When we were sitting in Montmartre, with the horses and the sunrise, I thought, ‘Is this really happening?’ It was amazing!”

So says Kendall Jenner, the new Longchamp Ambassador and star of The Encounter, a new film celebrating the unforgettable encounter between the American model and the horse that is the iconic emblem of the French fashion and leather goods House.

Directed by John Christopher Pina, the 60-second film features a breath-taking sequence of images as Kendall and the Longchamp horse run through Paris, which is revealed as a city of unexpected contrasts, from the classical splendour of the Place Vendôme to the soaring modern towers of the new Bibliothèque Nationale. Both seem irresistibly drawn towards their symbolic encounter on the heights of Montmartre, with Kendall climbing the famous steps up to the Sacré Coeur, where the horse is waiting for her. The soundtrack, specially composed for Longchamp by ROB, builds the suspense, mixing music with street sounds to suggest the heartbeats of the film’s title.

« It is very important for us to look forward, » says Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director of Longchamp. « Our aim is to show that Longchamp is about dynamism, individuality, creativity, authenticity – values we share with Kendall and the generation of millennials she connects with. »

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Global Champions League 2018: Are you ready?

The Global Champions League is the World’s premier five-star show jumping event across many countries.

My vision is clear… Only the best for the best » Jan Tops, Founder and President of the Longines Global Champions Tour and Co-Founder of the GCL.

For the first time in the history of show jumping, top riders from different countries unite to compete on the same team ensuring electrifying competitions over a Championship season. The ground-breaking concept will deliver fascinating tactical battles and fierce rivalries in 17 stunning venues around the globe, culminating in the ultimate showdown at the GC Playoffs in Prague this December.​​
The world’s most unique teams will showcase spectacular sport, formidable partnerships, fierce rivalries and top-level entertainment across a total of 17 international events, battling it out over the GCL season for the prestigious team Champions crown.

🇲🇽 Mexico City
➝ Global Champions League: Miami Celtics (Denis Lynch, Michael Duffy)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇬🇧 Scott Brash w/ Ursula XII
🇺🇸 Miami Beach
➝ Global Champions League: Prague Lions (Anna Kellnerová, Gerco Schröder)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇦🇺 Edwina Tops-Alexander w/ California
🇨🇳 Shanghai
➝ Global Champions League: London Knights (Emily Moffitt, Ben Maher)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇧🇪 Gregory Wathelet w/ Coree
🇪🇸 Madrid
➝ Global Champions League: London Knights (Emily Moffitt, Ben Maher)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇬🇧 Ben Maher w/ Explosion W
🇩🇪 Hamburg
➝ Global Champions League: St Tropez Pirates (Laura Klaphake, Pieter Devos)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇳🇱 Harrie Smolders w/ Don VHP Z
🇫🇷 St. Tropez
➝ Global Champions League: Shanghai Swans (Pedro Veniss, Daniel Deusser)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇬🇧 Ben Maher w/ Winning Good
🇫🇷 Cannes
➝ Global Champions League: Valkenswaard United (Alberto Zorzi, Jur Vrieling)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇸🇪 Peder Fredricson w/ Hansson WL
🇵🇹 Cascais/Estoril
➝ Global Champions League: Paris Panthers (Gregory Wathelet, Darragh Kenny)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇧🇪 Nicola Philippaerts w/ H&M Harley
🇲🇨 Monaco – 28th-30th June
🇫🇷 Paris – 5th-7th July
🇫🇷 Chantilly – 13th-15th July
🇩🇪 Berlin – 27th-29th July
🇬🇧 London – 3rd-5th August
🇳🇱 Valkenswaard – 10th-12th August
🇮🇹 Rome – 6th-9th September
🇶🇦 Doha – 8th-10th November
🇨🇿 Prague – 13th-16th December

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