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« The Raw Horse is an hymn to the relationship between the horse and the human being.
In a world that is nervously searching a reason for its existence between hate, finance, war and a digital reproduction of life, the horse represents pure beauty, peace, freedom. The most valuable treasure of the third millennium (…)
Aim of the project is to represent, through photography, a portrait of the horse and its relation with men, from a worldwide perspective.
Each chapter, and each geographical area will be accompained by short novels depicting the atmosphere of the environment and the main character met while shooting and living the places.
Chapters are thematic and related to specific places or geographical areas, while there will be emotional and iconic chapters built at the end of the process assembling on a pure emo- tional level the photos shot in the process. »
Sebastiano Vitale






The Player: I am fascinated by Polo, I like the unreal mixture of perfection, nature and game. The game was about to start, I tried to express the peace before the competition in La Esperanza Polo Club in Coronel Suarez. Argentina.
The Vision: A proud friesian was playing with the camera while hanging around for the Centro Internazionale del Cavallo, in Venaria, Italy. In front of the beautiful Cascina Rubbianetta, the Royal stables. The sun made the rest.
The Night: In Coronel Suarez there are far more horses than human beings, we were having fun, talking with friends in a car, while a beautiful horse came from nowhere, I shot it by chance few seconds before it disappeared from car’s lights following the promenade into the darkness.
The Repect: I see in this moment a mixture of respect, love, fun and friendship. The two of them are like brothers helping each other in some domestic routine. In Coronel Suarez horses are nothing but citizens of the village.
The Peace: After two hours of ride in a 5.000 hectares land we finally found the herd we were looking for. A mare was having some problems, trying to hide herself from the herd. While a colt was starting to look and behave like a Polo champion. Soon he will play in La Esperanza team in Coronel Suarez.
The Friends: 400 horses are an immense herd of friends. Hey let’s go for a walk in that direction. Ok. Here we go.

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