With Pimienta @ Polo club de Chantilly. Photo by ThP


Aurélie has worked for international advertising agencies such as TBWA and Publicis, managed web projects and written for the economic press in magazines such as Stratégies (Paris, France) and Espansione (Milan, Italy).
A horse rider and horse lover, she is best known as ‘La Cavalière masquée’, the name of her equestrian website which presents the most beautiful photos and videos of horses used in fashion, advertising, editorials, arts, books, music, movies… Her work has been broadcast four times on the French equestrian TV channel Equidia (1) and she received the Astley Cheval Culture Award before the first anniversary of her blog.
Since 2012, she worked for the Gucci Paris Masters, the prestigious equestrian event in France. In 2014, she was member of the expert panel at the Equestrian Social Media Awards.
Aurélie currently specializes in equestrian press (Equestrio, French POLO Magazine, Sports Equestres, Equestrian Luxury Magazine), brands and events.

(1) Equidia fait tomber le masque et vous fait découvrir un blog équestre pas comme les autres. Son nom : « La Cavalière masquée ». Il regroupe les photos et vidéos des campagnes publicitaires de luxe qui utilisent le cheval comme vecteur de leur message. Un travail minutieux d’information concernant ces photos est exposé sur le blog : photographes, stylistes, maquilleuses… y sont mentionnés. La Culturelle dévoile La Cavalière masquée qui tient ce blog et nous dévoile un travail qui mérite d’être salué.

Horses and equestrian subjects have always been an interesting starting point for creativity in communication, advertising, fashion and photography. I started La Cavalière masquée in February 2009 in order to create a synthesis of the most interesting and beautiful images from France and abroad, and I try to deliver information as complete as possible about their origins and authors. Please do not hesitate to help me in completing and sharing this information. Should you like to add your own equestrian campaign, I would gladly publish it! Unless otherwise specified, I do not claim ownership over photos herein published. If you are the owner of such and wish to have it (or them) removed, kindly contact me and I will proceed accordingly.

Chevaux et thèmes équestres ne cessent d’être une source d’inspiration dans le monde de la communication, de la publicité, de la mode et de la photographie. J’ai créé La Cavalière masquée en février 2009 afin d’en faire un lieu faisant la synthèse de toutes les plus belles images, récentes ou anciennes, françaises ou étrangères, et de donner le maximum de renseignements concernant leur réalisation. N’hésitez pas à apporter vos contributions en complétant les informations données ou en me contactant via mail si vous désirez ajouter votre campagne de communication.

I cavalli e i soggetti equestri sono sempre di più uno spunto di creatività nel mondo della comunicazione, della pubblicità, della moda e della fotografia. Ho creato La Cavalière masquée in febbraio 2009 per farne un crocevia e una sintesi delle immagini più belle e interessanti, francesi o straniere dandone, quando possibile, il maggior numero di informazioni riguardo alla loro fonte e realizzazione. Vi invito a darmi il vostro parere ed apportarmi il vostro aiuto completando le informazioni pubblicate. Se inoltre vorreste aggiungere la vostra campagna pubblicitaria, la pubblicherò con piacere !