Global Champions League 2018: Are you ready?

The Global Champions League is the World’s premier five-star show jumping event across many countries.

My vision is clear… Only the best for the best » Jan Tops, Founder and President of the Longines Global Champions Tour and Co-Founder of the GCL.

For the first time in the history of show jumping, top riders from different countries unite to compete on the same team ensuring electrifying competitions over a Championship season. The ground-breaking concept will deliver fascinating tactical battles and fierce rivalries in 17 stunning venues around the globe, culminating in the ultimate showdown at the GC Playoffs in Prague this December.​​
The world’s most unique teams will showcase spectacular sport, formidable partnerships, fierce rivalries and top-level entertainment across a total of 17 international events, battling it out over the GCL season for the prestigious team Champions crown.

🇲🇽 Mexico City
➝ Global Champions League: Miami Celtics (Denis Lynch, Michael Duffy)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇬🇧 Scott Brash w/ Ursula XII
🇺🇸 Miami Beach
➝ Global Champions League: Prague Lions (Anna Kellnerová, Gerco Schröder)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇦🇺 Edwina Tops-Alexander w/ California
🇨🇳 Shanghai
➝ Global Champions League: London Knights (Emily Moffitt, Ben Maher)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇧🇪 Gregory Wathelet w/ Coree
🇪🇸 Madrid
➝ Global Champions League: London Knights (Emily Moffitt, Ben Maher)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇬🇧 Ben Maher w/ Explosion W
🇩🇪 Hamburg
➝ Global Champions League: St Tropez Pirates (Laura Klaphake, Pieter Devos)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇳🇱 Harrie Smolders w/ Don VHP Z
🇫🇷 St. Tropez
➝ Global Champions League: Shanghai Swans (Pedro Veniss, Daniel Deusser)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇬🇧 Ben Maher w/ Winning Good
🇫🇷 Cannes
➝ Global Champions League: Valkenswaard United (Alberto Zorzi, Jur Vrieling)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇸🇪 Peder Fredricson w/ Hansson WL
🇵🇹 Cascais/Estoril
➝ Global Champions League: Paris Panthers (Gregory Wathelet, Darragh Kenny)
➝ LGCT Grand Prix: 🇧🇪 Nicola Philippaerts w/ H&M Harley
🇲🇨 Monaco – 28th-30th June
🇫🇷 Paris – 5th-7th July
🇫🇷 Chantilly – 13th-15th July
🇩🇪 Berlin – 27th-29th July
🇬🇧 London – 3rd-5th August
🇳🇱 Valkenswaard – 10th-12th August
🇮🇹 Rome – 6th-9th September
🇶🇦 Doha – 8th-10th November
🇨🇿 Prague – 13th-16th December

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